Equal parts documentary and fiction, Gunge Buddies is an experimental short that explores what happens when a group of friends from an online community get together for the first time to participate in one of the most innocuous, beautiful, and messy fetishes around: gunging.  The cinéma vérité style SD footage captured by a participant at the hotel party is interspersed with high-definition studio shots of slow motion gunging during which the participants reveal their innermost motivations and feelings.

Eyeslicer: International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2020
The Eyeslicer Season 2, 2019
Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival, September 2018
DEEP in LA at Symposium, Los Angeles June 2018
Visual Delicacies, NYC April 2018
Cucalorus Film Festival November 2017
TRANSMISSION 2, August 2017
Seattle Transmedia & International Film Festival July 2017
Nonplussed Fest, Jury Award: Best Experimental Short
July 2017 DEEPDOCS at Videology, Brooklyn May 2017
Maryland Film Festival May 2017
Athens International Film Festival April 2017

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