Meredith Moore is an artist and filmmaker located in Baltimore, MD.

Her films have screened at Anthology Film Archives, Antimatter Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, Baltimore Museum of Art, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Washington Project for the Arts, and The Walters Art Museum. She has been a Saul Zaentz Fellow, a recipient of The Andy Warhol Foundation’s Grit Fund, served as a juror for Athens International Film Festival, and a resident artist at Signal Culture.

Meredith is a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the Film & Video Department and is the Digital Curation and Audiovisual Archives Specialist at Decker Library where she is interested in preservation of both analog and born-digital media.

In addition, she is the founder and curator of Secret Psychic Cinema, a screening and workshop series which showcases avant-garde and experimental works; is on the screening committee for the Maryland Film Festival; and is a member of the Baltimore Video Collective which opened Beyond Video, a non-profit film lending library in Baltimore City.


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